1. Please rank from 1 through 13 what you believe are the most important issues that the state legislature and our next governor should address:
Balanced Budget Access to Health Care
Education Pension Reform
Property Taxes Women's Issues
Senior Issues LGBTQ Issues
Creating Good-Paying Jobs Immigration
Crime and Public Safety Environment
Any issue not addressed
2. Please provide any particular idea you wish to share with Representative Jones regarding the issues above that you feel are the highest priority:
3. How do you prefer that the legislature find funds to ensure that Illinois can provide essential services to all citizens?
Increase Income Taxes
Raise taxes on those earning more than $250,000 a year
Cut spending on non-essential state services
A combination of budget cuts and revenue increases
4. If you were given the opportunity introduce new legislation or modify an existing Illinois law, what would your proposal be?
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Last Name:
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