Closing Date: September 7, 2018
SALARY RANGE: $6,042 - $6,958 / Monthly

EXAMPLE OF WORK: Under the direct supervision and administrative control of the Adjutant General of Illinois, administers and effects the affairs of the Lincoln’s ChalleNGe Academy. Formulates, directs and controls facility programs, fiscal programs, personnel / staffing actions, training, recruitment, marketing, and mentoring programs. Formulates policies and directives for all Academy matters and fosters community / civic relations.

• Supervises the daily activities of the staff and cadets. Develops policies and procedures for the safe operation of the program and that meet requirements governed by state law and federal agreements.
• Plans, reviews, and directs all programs and activities; formulates policies and directives required to operate the Lincoln ChalleNGe Program.
• Applies military principles to the activities of program schedule and training management as well as individual cadet training in the areas of life coping skills, academic excellence, service to community, leadership/followership, health and hygiene, job skills, responsible citizenship and physical fitness. Obtains practical experience in meeting the needs and addressing the problems of cadets. Provides counseling to cadets as required; evaluates cadet progress and prepares reports.
• Directs the preparation and administration to the budget, review, control, and approval of the same.
• Maintains required records in accordance with state law and federal agreements. Prepares reports as needed.
• Recruits, trains, administers, and disciplines staff required to operate the Academy.
• Develops and executes a marketing plan to promote the Academy and aide in recruiting future classes. Must make public presentations in support of the recruiting and marketing plan.
• Ensures that Academy maintains a high academic standard and meets or exceeds goals established by the Adjutant General.
• Works closely with parents, relatives, guardians, community leaders, interested public and private entities to develop systems and programs that support the cadet during recruitment, while in residence, and during the post graduate period.
• Performs other duties as required or assigned which are reasonably within the scope of duties enumerated above.

Must have obtained a minimum educational level of a Bachelor’s Degree in public or business administration, sociology, psychology, education administration, or other fields with equivalent administrative experience in military, educational, or social welfare fields. Prefer five years or equivalent in command and/or senior military experience. Prefer active membership in the Illinois National Guard or retired (20 years) Armed Forces. Prefer attainment of military rank of E-9 or 0-5.

KSA’s: Requires knowledge of military structure and procedures. Requires extensive knowledge of the principles and modern practices and/or business administration. Requires the ability to administer the affairs of an institution, to supervise and instruct staff in work requirements and to direct programs for student activity. Requires ability to establish and maintain satisfactory working relationships with employees, public officials, the press, and the general public. Requires the ability to promulgate and endorse disciplinary, safety, security, and custodial matters. Requires the ability to think clearly and exercise initiative in emergency situations. Requires a valid state driver’s license and a federal common access card.
ALL APPLICATIONS MUST BE COMPLETE: Those applications that are received missing any required information or documents will NOT be considered. Prior military personnel must attach a copy of their DD214 to their application.

DOCUMENTS THAT CANNOT BE ACCEPTED: Photographs, copies of position descriptions, performance ratings, awards, and letters of appreciation.

• This is an announcement for a Personal Services Contract for the Lincoln’s Challenge Academy and the State of Illinois. At this time, this contract does not provide for medical, dental or life insurance and state retirement plans are not available. Specific questions regarding benefits should be directed to the point of contact on this announcement.
• Prior to hiring, a federal background check for computer access is required.

EQUAL OPPORTUNITY: The Lincoln’s Challenge Academy is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Selection for this position will be made without regard to race, religion, age, national origin, sex, political affiliation, marital status, member or non-membership in an employee organization or any other non-merit factor.

WHERE TO SUBMIT: Applications must arrive no later than the closing date specified on this announcement (September 7, 2018). Call or e-mail and receive a DMAIL-LCA Form 210 (Employment Application) and a Release of Information Form, or obtain documents at our website (under the job opportunities tab):
Mail, email or fax documents to:
Department of Military Affairs
ATTN: Chief of Staff
1301 N. MacArthur Blvd.
Springfield, Illinois 62702
(217) 761-3819
FAX: (217) 761-3381