Fingerprint Technician Trainee


Under immediate supervision, participates in an agency sponsored training program to develop the knowledge, understanding and technical skills necessary to function as a proficient Fingerprint Technician. Receives formalized classroom instruction in; the recognition, analysis and explanation of basic fingerprint patterns; the comparison of fingerprint impressions to determine identification and classification of fingerprint patterns utilizing the Automated Fingerprint Identifications System (AFIS) equipment and manual fingerprint cards; AFIS equipment maintenance procedures; how to set the core and axis of fingerprint images; performs manual prep work of fingerprint submissions; how to search the Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) and AFIS databases; how to file and retrieve fingerprint cards within the master fingerprint file and to utilize the fingerprint scanner and AFIS edit and verification terminals. After successfully completing one year as a trainee, the individual will be expected to assume the duties and responsibilities of a qualified Fingerprint Technician.

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